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Secure Browser 52.0.2743.225.

Protection from nastiness and nosiness, every page you browse

Secure Browser is a free web browser, built on the Chromium platform. It is developed by Safer Technologies, a startup company –based in Silicon Valley and London- staffed by programmers, engineers and the like with security experience from Yahoo!, AVG and elsewhere. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Very safe and secure
  • Works about as well as other browsers in most cases


  • Does not have some smaller features (such as certain text encodings)

Very good

Secure Browser is a free web browser, built on the Chromium platform. It is developed by Safer Technologies, a startup company –based in Silicon Valley and London- staffed by programmers, engineers and the like with security experience from Yahoo!, AVG and elsewhere.

The browser is intended to help make its users – whom can include just about anybody using the Internet – more aware of Internet security, and most importantly, to make it simpler and easier to safely use the Internet in a growing digital world.

Armored up and stripped down

This particular browser is security and privacy feature centered. It’s important to understand that certain features, such as in-browser PDF viewing, can be even dangerous. This browser does everything it can with what is safe, and offers a bevy of security-specific features besides. Some are basic, such as ad blocking or warning you when you're about to enter a malicious website (and stopping it until you consent). Other browsers offer similar features, but it is generally more robust here.

Other features improve personal security. Private browsing and one-click cleaning both prevent your previous web surfing from being stolen; the Anti-Tracking feature also warns you of webpage-site tracking, by blocking all the online trackers so that no-one can follow you around the web.

Most importantly, extensions are carefully contained by the browser in order to prevent any of them from effectively bearing malicious code.

Secure Browser’s security features along with the reduced clutter from browser extensions result in an improved and faster browsing experience.

This browser also boasts a built-in Security & Privacy Center, a hub for users to manage all the various security and privacy features, tools and settings.

As threats grow, so does security

One of the most important aspects of computer security has been the arms race. It's long and complex, but put briefly, antivirus vendors were fighting with hackers by the time of the late 80s. Back then, threats were small and didn't spread quickly, but could only be stopped or removed through software in the mail. Nowadays, threats are bigger than ever: identity theft, explosively-spreading computer worms, and denial-of-service attacks are just a few of the many attacks never-do-wells can launch against the web today. That's why security solutions need to keep up every step of the way. Secure Browser is not perfect, and does not do everything to keep you safe in one program. It's just a web browser, after all: it's not the only software you'll use on your computer. And it needs to be loose enough to be usable. But Safer Technologies does one thing very, very right: it listens. The company's contact forms are touted throughout their website, from the moment you download the browser. If there's a specific suggestion you have, or just a threat you want to see addressed, you can tell them. Thus, any deficiencies Secure Browser has as of this writing could be fixed within days.

Aim that strikes true

Overall, Secure Browser does as much as one web browser can hope to in today's big, scary Internet world. And it does a lot. It blocks ads and malicious websites, and as noted, it does so more robustly than a more general web browser like Firefox might. As of now, the extension sandbox may be the most powerful security feature the browser offers. But as time goes on, expect this browser to only get stronger - at the very least, in terms of security.

Secure Browser is a fast, secure and private browser with a built-in Security & Privacy Center.

Secure Browser is a fast, secure and private web browser based on Chromium (the same platform used by Google Chrome) but enhanced with a built-in Security & Privacy Center. Secure Browser has the world’s first browser integrated security management console that includes a curated set of security & privacy features. Designed to assist and simplify security & privacy management, you’ll quickly feel the power of Secure Browser. Take control of your security and privacy and join our fast growing worldwide community.

Security & Privacy Center Features:

* Active Anti-Virus - Ensure your Anti-Virus software is always on * Extension Sandbox - Prevent and block unwanted extensions that compromise security and privacy.

* Safe Browsing - alerts when potential malware, phishing sites and downloads are visited

* Private Browsing -Browse the internet more privately and anonymously, including Anti-Tracking

* HTTPS Encryption - ensures encrypted website communications when supported

* Do Not Track - gives more control over opting out of tracking and profiling

* AdBlock - provides browsing speed improvements and blocking of malicious ads

* Disable Flash - Enable or disable Flash with a simple on/off switch as required

* Privacy Cleaner - Instantly clear your personal browsing history and cookies

Secure Browser


Secure Browser 52.0.2743.225.

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